Continued Epidemics Call for Stricter Anti-Vaxx Policies

Continued Epidemics Call for Stricter Anti-Vaxx Policies March 01, 2019 By IVY WADE For a long time, I thought anti-vaxxers (those skeptical of vaccination) were mythical creatures, unicorns with tinfoil hats and fanatics using essential oils and garlic cloves instead of antibiotics. However, as the news continues to come in, it is becoming more and […]

Re-Dutchifying Paris

It seems like Dutch culture is slowly disappearing from Paris. The Institut Néerlandais (Dutch Institute), founded by Frits Lugt in 1957 and active until its closure in 2013, was a non-profit institution in Paris that promoted Dutch art and culture. Despite being one of the earliest cultural institutions of its kind, it relied completely on […]

I’m French. Am I a migrant, too ?

My grandparents or great grandparents on my mother’s side did not all stay in Venezuela their entire life. My grandfather had Italian origins and studied in both Spain and Mexico. His adoptive mother spoke several languages and had lived in  the Netherlands, Curaçao and Trinidad before going back to Venezuela. They were citizens of the world […]