Roma: Thoughtful Artistry in 1970’s Mexico City

Before watching Roma, it is best to allow yourself to enter the artist’s realm and forget you’re watching a film at all. This is a moving art piece of another time, a biography of people overlooked, containing something different from the blockbuster special or usual Netflix Original. When you envision yourself viewing within the art […]


Female Genital Mutilation: a Borderless Issue, and a Call for Compassion

Female genital mutilation is not an easy thing to read and discuss, and it shouldn’t be. FGM and other dangerous body modifications are practices the Western world often imagines happening elsewhere. They are seen as something of another land, another culture, another neighborhood – but that is not the reality. FGM happens in front of […]

A Layman in a League of Legends

It is unfathomable to me why multiplayer gaming on various consoles is one of my pastimes, but it surely has to do with marrying innate sensitivity with self-deprecating humour. Some of my favourite games include Portal, Fallout 4, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and more recently League of Legends. What stands out here is that the first […]

All India Bakchod and Women’s Safety in the Upcoming Indian Stand-Up Fair

All India Bakchod (AIB), one of the most viewed YouTube channels in India, have recently found themselves in a whirlpool of sexual misconduct allegations. In October, a long-term collaborator of the group, Utsav Chakrobarty, was accused by numerous women of sexual misconduct, ranging from unwanted advances and nudes to implying a sexual trade for a […]

Is Feminism Evolving Into Extremism?

Feminism is the worthy ideal of equality between men and women. However, it seems that some people from our society don’t understand this simple definition. Attaining “equality” means fairness for all – but those extreme modern feminists have seemingly redefined feminism into a belief that women must have more rights than men. Self-declared feminists go […]

It Is Time to De-Colonise Our Bodies

What if we regularly took the time to sit down and truly understand our bodies and our relation to them? What if we could mute those self-sabotaging voices that dissect and judge our bodies as either “too much” or as “not enough”? These are among the many important questions that were explored by the creative […]