Female Genital Mutilation: a Borderless Issue, and a Call for Compassion

Female genital mutilation is not an easy thing to read and discuss, and it shouldn’t be. FGM and other dangerous body modifications are practices the Western world often imagines happening elsewhere. They are seen as something of another land, another culture, another neighborhood – but that is not the reality. FGM happens in front of […]


Bringing Ethics into Porn will Help Demonstrate what Healthy Sex Looks like

Among the endless variety of erotic films available with only one mouse click, you may have glossed over the subgenre of ethical porn – and now is the time to make the switch. It is important to rethink one’s impact through seemingly benign actions like watching adult films. In our overly hedonistic times, ethics must […]

Crossing Borders at “TEDx Universiteit van Amsterdam”

Last Thursday, October 4, the second edition of TEDx Universiteit van Amsterdam was held at the CREA Theatre. The theme of this edition was ‘Crossing Borders’, introducing multiple subjects linked to the theme, such as globalization, equality and migration. “If we all step out of our field and cross the borders, the possibilities are endless,” […]