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Editor-in-Chief                             Isabel Bonnet

Managing Editor – Online         Dalis Robinson

Metro Editor                                 Hahae Son

University Editor                         Erica Boyce

Avenue Editor                              Alexandra Rosca

Opinions Editor                           Aanavi Sinha

Photo Editor                                 Linh Dinh




Support Student Journalism

The Amsterdammer proudly joined the student movement #SaveStudentNewsroom. Before it was even a paper, The Amsterdammer was already suffering from the lack of funding. Neither student organisations nor the University of Amsterdam agreed to help finance the creation and sustainability of this project. Today, the paper does not have a newsroom, a physical copy of the paper, nor salaries to offer to the staff. Though we do not wish to be dependent on the University to keep a freedom of speech, as well as maintain our coverage as objective as possible. Once we have encouraged our staff to express their voice, we cannot –and should not– ask them to silence it. Besides the UK, student journalism has been forgotten in Europe. We aim to spread the importance of student journalism in the continent by continuing to train our staff by organising workshops and continuing to improve our writing skills. However, this project will only be possible with your help.

If you support student journalism and would like to help The Amsterdammer, you can make a donation using this link.