The Legacy of Anti-Semitism

The Legacy of Anti-Semitism By ANNA LEA JAKOBS | November 1, 2019 November 9, 1938 – a night to be remembered. Cities throughout Germany burned: the flames started slowly, but grew rapidly as they consumed the legacy of Jewish culture. On this traumatic night, the “Synagogue am Großen Berlin” in Halle was destroyed. Time jumps 81 years […]

Arthur’s Visit to the Therapist

Arthur’s Visit to the Therapist By PRUTHVI VELLANKI | October 16, 2019 Pruthvi Vellanki / The Amsterdammer The story of an interloping anti-hero isn’t new; borrowing from Taxi Driver‘s ethos, Todd Philipps delivers his own interpretation of the JOKER starring Joaquin Phoenix [ai1ec view=”weekly”] Support The Amsterdammer We believe in the right to inform the students, […]

The Relativity of Feminism

The Relativity of Feminism By ANNA LEA JAKOBS | October 16, 2019  Cover photo by Raphael Lovaski / Unsplash The reasons behind wearing makeup – or choosing not to – are different for every woman. Being a woman in 2019, I see it as a privilege to not be obliged to wear any makeup. Seeing teenage girls […]

The Meg review: feminism and a gigantic prehistoric shark

The Meg review: feminism and a gigantic prehistoric shark By Cora Burridge | October 08, 2019 Three times the size of a great white shark, extinct for millions of years and the subject of numerous conspiracy theories, the Megalodon seems an unlikely partner in the fight against the patriarchy. Yet this dinosaur of the sea has done exactly […]

Europe and nationalism: why Spain is different

Europe and Nationalism: why Spain is different By DAVID KIRKHAM | May 20, 2019 Nationalists and far-right political parties continue to make alarming gains across Europe. Italy is led by a coalition of radical right-wing and populist parties, Austria’s government is shared with the ultranationalist Freedom Party (FPO), and Hungary has shifted considerably to the far […]

The epitome of dramaticism – The UEFA Champions League semi-finals

The epitome of dramaticism: The UEFA Champions League semi-finals By EMILIO GUTIERREZ | May 14, 2019 The last two weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions for football fans. After the result of these semi-finals, there is a unique winner, and it is not England – but the game itself. The world just experienced the best […]