From Argentina with Love

I went to Argentina once as a child, and have not been back since, though I have travelled to other places in between. My grandmother Suze and her brother John spent a big part of their lives in Buenos Aires when they moved from Holland because of the war, and both of them speak a beautiful variation of Rioplatense Spanish.

The Creatives Series: Poetry with Darrin Gonzales

The Creatives Series: Poetry with Darrin Gonzales Darrin Gonzales is a 25-year-old American postgraduate from Gering, Nebraska who is pursuing a research master’s in literary studies at the University of Amsterdam. He is the first face of the Amsterdam Creatives series, publishing in The Amsterdammer every Friday for the next weeks. By FLO MCQUIBBAN We’re […]

Conquering “Gym-timidation”

I think many are persuaded that the gym is a terrible battlefield full of soldiers: the lean ones, the buff ones and the fat ones. And in war, only the first two can win. Instead, it should be seen as a safe space for anyone who wants to feel something, like confidence and power. There […]