Homesickness – the path to self-discovery

Homesickness – the path to self-discovery By AURORA HOTTI | March 13, 2020 The feeling of missing home has always caught people’s attention, from 17th century doctors to Roald Dahl. Before the 18th century, this feeling was treated like a disease – contagious but curable. In 1688, Swiss medical student Johannes Hofer coined the term nostalgia to describe […]

Humanities: a Pathway to Unemployment

Humanities: A pathway to unemployment By BADE ORDU | March 6, 2020 Before I started to study at the University of Amsterdam, people in high school knew me as the ‘artsy kid’. One to two – this was the art to science ratio in my class. Unwritten social rules divided people between the ‘serious physics problem solvers’ and […]

Merry Christmas To One And All!

Merry Christmas To One And All!  By CORA BURRIDGE | December 17, 2019 Cover photo by Elisa Morand / The Amsterdammer Christmas decorations surrounding the Amsterdam canals. This week, in the southern state of Texas, where Trump voters reign supreme and cheese comes out of a squirt can, a couple were sent an accusatory letter by their […]

Fastand Furious – 2 Nitrous 2 Oxide

Skrt! Skrt! Fast & Furious – 2 Nitrous 2 Oxide By PRUTHVI VELLANKI | November 21, 2019 Illustration by Pruthvi Vellanki / The Amsterdammer Recent measures have been taken by Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutten, after the Dutch Court’s ruling revealed that government policies exceeded nitrous oxide emissions. 2020 will commence with a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h […]