#BLM In Amsterdam: A Closer Look

#BLM in Amsterdam: A Closer Look By Ahana Majumdar | June 14, 2020 Photo by Charley Rousset   As 2020 unfolds, we are faced with many challenges and gaps in our public health and socio-political atmospheres. Although some predicaments such as the COVID-19 pandemic were unforeseen, others like systemic racism have been seen for generations. How is […]

Nature Strikes Back

Nature Strikes Back By ANNA LEA JAKOBS | April 24, 2020 Illustration by Anna Lea Jakobs / The Amsterdammer Wild deer walk through the concrete jungle of New York. The Venetian canals have welcomed dolphins again. A puma strides, looking for something to feed on in the conventional residential areas of Santiago, Chile, while donkeys pay a visit […]

Video Calling in Times of Corona

ideo killed the radio Video Calling in Times of Corona By YARA JAKOBS | April 20th, 2020 Due the current ongoing lockdown, people have collectively turned to video calling as an alternative for face-to-face interaction. Naturally, this does not come without its difficulties.  Yara Yakoby is a student of Fine Arts and Illustration at Hochschule für Angewandte […]

Homesickness – the path to self-discovery

Homesickness – the path to self-discovery By AURORA HOTTI | March 13, 2020 The feeling of missing home has always caught people’s attention, from 17th century doctors to Roald Dahl. Before the 18th century, this feeling was treated like a disease – contagious but curable. In 1688, Swiss medical student Johannes Hofer coined the term nostalgia to describe […]

Racism Spreads Faster Than the Coronavirus

Racism Spreads Faster Than the Coronavirus By BADE ORDU | March 11, 2020 Cover photo: A shortage in face masks is a side effect of the coronavirus.  Macau Photo Agency / Unsplash   Since January 2020, the name “corona” has changed from a Mexican beer brand to a vigorous disease in people’s minds. The new zoonotic virus […]

Humanities: a Pathway to Unemployment

Humanities: A pathway to unemployment By BADE ORDU | March 6, 2020 Before I started to study at the University of Amsterdam, people in high school knew me as the ‘artsy kid’. One to two – this was the art to science ratio in my class. Unwritten social rules divided people between the ‘serious physics problem solvers’ and […]