Extinction Rebellion activists arrested

Extinction Rebellion activists arrested during International ‘Rebel Without Borders’ Week By HENRIKE FREYTAG  | November 25, 2019 Cover photo by Charley Rousset / The Amsterdammer On October 13th 2019 the group Extinction Rebellion blocked the Blauwbrug bridge in the early morning. From October 7 to October 12, 2019, climate activist group Extinction Rebellion, arranged several blockades […]

Black Pete’s Controversy is the New Dutch Tradition

Black Pete’s Controversy is the New Dutch Tradition By ISABEL BONNET | November 22, 2019 Cover photo by Veronica Fontana  / The Amsterdammer On November 16, 2019, the first Saturday after Sint Maarten, 25,000 people enthusiastically welcomed Sinterklaas in Apeldoorn. For a couple of years, the arrival of the Dutch St. Nicholas and its traditions, brings with […]

Chilean protests in Dam Square, Amsterdam

Andrea Valdivia November 12, 2019 Chilean protests in Dam Square Chilean protester in Dam Square – Photo by Andrea Valdivia / The Amsterdammer Chileans waving their native country’s flag during the protest on October 21, 2019. Andrea Valdivia / The Amsterdammer After the ongoing protests and strikes in Chile these last weeks, Chileans living in […]

Truck crash near REC

Truck crashes into a house across Roeterseilandcampus By ISABEL BONNET | October 17, 2019 Cover Photo by Panagiotis Belias / The Amsterdammer On Monday, October 14, at around 4 p.m. a HÉMAN truck crashed into a house across Roeterseilandcampus. The catering company told local news channel AT5 that the driver had a sudden epileptic seizure, an incident […]

The Mocro-maffia

The Mocro-maffia By PIERRE DU PASQUIER | October 12, 2019 Photo by Bill Oxford / Unsplash The Mocro-maffia has stricken the capital city of the Netherlands once again. Derk Wiersum, Nabil B’s lawyer was killed on September 18th, spreading an unprecedented wave of emotion throughout the Netherlands as well as highlighting the malfeasance of a mafia […]

“Power to the People” – Dutch citizens join in for global climate strike week

“Power to the People” Dutch citizens join in for global climate strike week By Henrike Freytag | October 11, 2019 Cover photo by Henrike Freytag On September 20, 2019, people from 150 countries came together to protest against the climate crisis, marking the start of the ‘Global Week for Future’. The protests were reverberations of the […]