Bye Minimalism; Welcome back, Camp

Bye Minimalism; Welcome Back, Camp. By SARAH M. IACOBACCI | May 22, 2019 Illustration by Sofia Romansky May 6, 2019 was host to what is known as the “Super Bowl of Fashion,” the MET Gala. Each year, the Costume Institute exhibits a new theme at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in which the gala serves […]

Demystifying Ramadan

Demystifying Ramadan By MERT ALI KIRAZ | May 11, 2019 Production: Mert Ali Kiraz Editor: Dragos Culcear Camera: Sofia van den Donk and Kira Guehring Support The Amsterdammer We believe in the right to inform the students, Dutch or international, about their surroundings and the university life. We give a voice to the voiceless and have […]

Tips to maintain a long distance relationship with your mother

Tips to maintain a long distance relationship with your mother By SHUZHAO XUE | May 5, 2019 Mother’s Day, this year, falls on May 12, and as an international student, distance limits the ways one can express love to my mother. A dinner out is insubstantial. So is a simple hug or a kiss. So, what […]

If ‘Orange’ is NOT your colour…

If ‘Orange’ is NOT your colour… By SARAH M. IACOBACCI | May 4, 2019 Orange you glad to have stumbled upon this article, to what is known as the week after the “unfortunate faux pas” – King’s Day! The Netherlands’ annual King’s Day celebration is a scene set with hyped ‘Dutchies’ prancing up and down the […]

Top 4 Festivals in The Netherlands

Top 4 Festivals in the Netherlands By AISHWARYA KOTTAPURATH | April 28, 2019 Are you craving a King’s Day after party?   The festive summer season is almost upon us, so here are the top 4 festivals that you can go to, right here in the Netherlands!     1. The Crave Festival May 30-June 2 […]

Western Culture takes over the reigns of Fashion

Western Culture takes over the reins of fashion By SARAH IACOBACCI | April 28, 2019 Illustrated by Sofia Romansky Ah, cowboys! They’re rough and tough, they’re real men. The epitome of sex-appeal in All-American fashion and grit; but are they contemporary?  Riding into the wild wild west of 2019, however, suggests a reinvention of the ‘cowboy’: […]