You Can’t Sit With Coco

You Can’t Sit With Coco By KAELIN BALAGH | October 13, 2019 Illustration by Pruthvi Vellanki / The Amsterdammer To praise or shame? That seems to be the question among the comments section of an Instagram post of the infamous Chanel fashion show crasher, published by The New York Times. On September 30th, French YouTube comedian Marie […]

What Will NDSM Be?

What will NDSM be? By FILIP DROZDZ | October 13, 2019 Cover Photo by Filip Dro?d? / The Amsterdammer Magazine NDSM under construction. NDSM has been subject to the extensive development in recent years.  Self-aware and modern – or maybe nonconformist and distinguishable? Ever since my first visit, I’ve been wondering which of these descriptions might possibly […]

Fast Fashion, Gone Too Quickly?

Fast Fashion Gone too quickly? By LINH NGUYEN | October 13, 2019 Photo by Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash Fast fashion – two words that perfectly encapsulate the rapidly changing fashion industry and constantly evolving consumer tastes. Characterized by affordable clothing with trendy designs, the latter is what has led to the rise of the latest fashion empire. This […]

LaBeouf et la Vogue

LaBeouf et la Vogue By Sarah M. Iacobacci | October 6, 2019 Illustration by Pruthvi Vellanki? Last Friday night, an undeniable truth was brought to light. Lying in bed, swaddled in my onesie, an overheating Macbook air was vibrating over my duvet – I was watching Youtube’s Hot Ones, hosted by superhuman (Hot wings slayer) Sean […]