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Gillian Gui / Editor in Chief

Most of my friends call me Gillian. Originally Singaporean, I’ve grown up in Shanghai and Austria. I’m a travel enthusiast: I love visiting places and making friends with interesting people along my way. I’ve had some noble dreams before and therefore studied Biological Science, but after a year I have decided to follow my heart so now I’m here in studying Communication Science. See, I’m still going to be a scientist, well, sort of…

Mathilda Hollreiser / Managing Editor Online

I am 20 years old and come from Germany –however, I am also part British and French. I love to travel and experience new cultures first hand, as well as paint, draw and play the piano. I also like to stay fit by working out and trying out new healthy recipes every chance I get!

Isabel Bonnet / Content Manager

French and Venezuelan, I have previously lived in France, Venezuela, the Ivory Coast, the United States and now, the Netherlands. I have an Associate of Arts in journalism and I am the founder of The Amsterdammer. I am a passionate photographer, a skill that I’ve been learning since the age of 13. I have covered major events such as the 2016 Presidential race in Florida, photographing Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, and the 2017 Presidential election day in Paris for Le Monde.

Naina Parasher / Copy Editor in Chief

From writing in journals at the age of eight to poetry in the recent years, playing with words has been a constant hobby in my life. Growing up and understanding the realities of the world made me realise the ways in which the pen is mightier than the sword. Trying my best to make a difference in this world and bring back trustworthy and quality journalism, I am currently studying the new influences of media how we went from reading newspapers every day to playing Buzzfeed Quizzes.

Dorijan Najdovski / Opinion Editor

"I'm a Canadian who decided to move to Amsterdam on a whim to start my Master's. Before this new adventure - I worked in politics for three years...but that doesn't mean I'm a bad person. My favourite thing to do is hold down a table at a nice patio and talk for hours on end - looks like I moved to the right city!"

Raluca Dumitrache / Photo Editor

My passion for photography started as response to the fact that my phone took very bad images and was pretty limited when it came to the manual setting (it was 2008, QWERTY and sliding keyboards were “the thing”). I got my first Nikon compact camera, but again, something was missing and I did not realize until I got my DSLR. Besides photography, I love volunteering at cultural events and meeting new people. My favorite sport is catching the tram, very fun game to play in The Netherlands.

Max Kikken / Metro Editor

I am a from the Netherlands, and a second-year communication science student at the University of Amsterdam.

Leo Barnes / University Editor

I'm Leo, from the UK. I have been interested in journalism for a couple of years now, having worked for newspapers in Ghana, the U.K. and Malaysia during that time. Outside of politics and journalism, I love sports and my dogs. Mountain biking and football are my main hobbies, and when I'm not doing either of those, I'll be walking my retriever (Reuben) and my terrier (Taz).

Anete Ezera / Avenue Editor

Currently as a Media and Information student I am following my interest in the always-changing media environment and journalism. However, the eager to learn more and see a new perspective on the human rights and environmental issues in the contemporary world is something I am greatly passionate about as well. I value all the daily details from chatting with friends, having chocolate for breakfast to learning something new and editing articles.

Copy Editors

Elena van den Boogerd / Copy Editor

I am Elena, a 20-year old Art History student. As a born and raised ‘Amsterdammer’ I will share my favorite spot with you: somewhere in the last two weeks of the year, go to the Royal Palace on the Dam square and after you walked around the beautiful ‘Burgerzaal’, look through one of the windows on the front of the palace and glance at the gigantic Christmas tree in the middle of the square. When I am not counting down the days until Christmas or racing my bike racing between OudeManhuispoort, PC Hoofthuis and Oost-Indisch Huis, I work at the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum, have a drink with my friends on my little balcony or watch ‘First Dates’ while simultaneously browsing through the many delicious recipes stacked on my kitchen-shelf, waiting to be tried out once.

Fergus O'Dowd / Copy Editor

I’m Fergus, I’m from Southampton in the UK. While not studying or copy editing, I dabble in climbing, cycling and the occasional bit of quizzing.

Nanda Mohamed / Copy Editor

A 24-year-old girl, born and raised in Bulgaria in a Kurdish family. A second-year Media and Information student and a Chemical-Engineer graduate. A passionate photographer, filmmaker, and traveler. A daydreamer and a night thinker, and a true believer in Karma. Last but not least, a number one fan of Netflix, Tattoos and Sarcasm, who is extremely excited to explore the field of Journalism.


Annika Heinemeyer / University Reporter

I am Annika from Germany and I am doing my Master's in New Media and Digital Cultures at the UvA. I am a yogi, traveller, writer & coffee enthusiast who gets lost in thoughts and forests easily. I am especially interested in sustainability, ayurveda and nutrition and I would like to create more content and awareness about these topics on social media.

Dino Wildi / University Reporter

I was born and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, and moved to Amsterdam after my bachelor’s degree to study European Politics and External Relations at the GSSS. Aside from all political things, I have a great interest in sports and write live reports for an online sports media platform. In my free time, I play video games, read books, cook and bake and go to a lot of debating tournaments all over Europe.

Lidia Paladini / Metro Reporter

Lidia is a current Political Science student at the University of Amsterdam and an aspiring documentary photographer. She is passionate about all things Middle East, learning Arabic, composing film music and changing people’s outlook on life. She believes in the power of storytelling as a tool to change the narrative of today’s media. If she had to describe herself in a few words it would be “(Introverted) rebel with a cause”.

Valeria Mongelli / Metro Reporter

I am a PhD student at UvA and Radboud University, Nijmegen. I come from Southern Italy, but in the last few years I have lived in the Netherlands, France and South America. I love writing, reading and listening to stories, taking portraits of strangers, good wine and getting lost in new places. In my free time, I attach electrodes on people’s heads to investigate the neural correlates of conscious experience. Despite my nationality, I am a very bad cook.

Ivana Sramkova / Avenue Reporter

I am a student of Media and Information at the UvA. I was born in Slovakia, and lived in Paris for 2 years. I enjoy food, sleep, music, fashion and TV shows.

Evguenia Roussel / Avenue Reporter

My name is Evguenia Roussel, I am 18 years old and I am currently studying Political Science at the UVA. I am a half belgian, half russian girl but Amsterdam has a special place in my heart. That is why I am so happy to be able to work at the Amsterdammer as an Avenue Reporter. I would consider myself as a generally chill person who is always happy to learn something, either about someone or something. In my free time I enjoy taking a nice walk, reading a book, meeting with people and just having fun !

Aakash Nair / International Reporter

I am a from India, and a first-year communication science student at the University of Amsterdam.


Veronica Fontana / Photographer

My passion for the ocean and photography brought me to the Canary Islands and in photography I can recognize a powerful tool of communication.

Andrea Rossignoli / Photographer

I am a 19-year old Ecuadorian girl. I enjoy traveling, learning about conspiracy theories, drawing and attempting to pull off my mom’s recipes (but failing, most times).

Madita Strähle / Photographer

My name is Didi (23) and I am a second year student at Amsterdam University College. My interest for International News & Affairs and more specifically, Conflict Studies in combination with photography, have triggered my interest in Photojournalism and Documentary. Hence, I am looking forward to serving the Amsterdammer as a photographer.

Seljan Abbas / Photographer

I am from the small country of Azerbaijan. Currently, I am a First year Communication Science student who is amazed at the infinite world of news. Capturing news in a photograph is one of my strong interests along with chasing new stories. I am always up for an adventure.

Brynn Weigelt / Videographer

Canadian Youtuber and taco enthusiast. When I’m not eating tacos or making movies I love to play ice hockey and get funky on the dance floor!


Lucia Holásková / Columnist

Hi, I'm Lucy and I come from Slovakia. I aspire to become a journalist in the future! People say I have a big heart, but most of it is filled up with books and food. Except for my amazing sense of fashion (if I do say so myself), I'm quite talented at opening bottles without a bottle opener.

Kate Shylo / Columnist

I am a Crimea-born multifaceted artist. I obtained my BA in English Literature from from Kingston University London in 2018. In my academic and creative work, I explore issues surrounding memory, trauma, space and identity. I am the launcher of an ongoing documentary project called ‘The Creatress Project’ which focuses on female artists from all over the world.

Business Team

Eleanna Iliopoulou / Social Media Manager

Greek and proud, I spend my free time cooking (and feeding my friends), searching for motivational quotes and re locating the furniture in my house in order to find the best way possible to fit everything. I really enjoy riding my bike, especially at night when no one can really see or hear me singing . I’m a crime show FANATIC, criminal minds, CSI, NCIS and the list never ends. Currently exploring the marketing and online media filed.

Jūlija Gornostajeva / Brand & Promotions Manager

My names is Julia, I come from Latvia and I will work as Brand & Promotions Manager in the paper. My hobbies are reading, debating, watching movies and TV shows, and working out. I am also very active in terms of social life, so I am usually up for a party. Looking forward to working and writing for you.


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