How to Find Direction as a Student in Amsterdam—

The Ultimate Podcast Guide

By Pilar Ortego Magazine | May 5, 2023

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Magazine reporter Pilar Ortego compiles a podcast guide for students in Amsterdam to help with the hardships of student life.

Packing your life and moving to a different country to study is not easy, I know. Thus, I have gathered a compilation of podcasts which I have found either inspiring, helpful or interesting. They all relate in some way or another to life in Amsterdam, the Netherlands or to being a student. Although it can sometimes be a scary and lonely experience, it is important to have comfort zones one can resort to in times of need. What’s more comforting than tuning into a relatable podcast, which touches on subjects so relevant to student life? All the following podcasts are available on Apple’s podcast platform, but most of them can also be found on other platforms, such as Spotify.

  1. Amsterdam Academy Podcast

Hosted by Dutch American citizen Hannah Huber, this podcast focuses on life in Amsterdam as a ‘citizen of the world’. Through several interviews with people residing in the Netherlands, Hannah explores the ins and outs of life as an international in the city. The podcast is a great opportunity to gain insights on Dutch culture from multiple perspectives. Getting to know a foreign country has never been so easy.

Amsterdam Academy Podcast.
Student Struggles Podcast.
  1. Student Struggles Podcast

This advice-focused podcast is hosted by a student himself and features new guests each episode. The show includes discussions on topics ranging from gap years to students’ mental health. It is a thought provoking listen that challenges certain assumptions or expectations you might have about student years. If that wasn’t convincing enough, the podcast occasionally includes episodes dedicated to developing a skill. The most recent one introduces listeners to coding. Definitely a must-hear!

  1. Room for discussion

The UvA-organized ‘Room for Discussion’ talks are digitalized in this podcast. Listen to some of the most influential figures in the Netherlands and Europe discuss relevant topics within politics, activism and economics. Not only is it a guaranteed insightful listen, but it will aid you in gaining a better understanding of the Netherlands’ current socio-political climate.

Room for discussion.
History of the Netherlands.
  1. History of the Netherlands

I believe that wherever one goes, one must learn about the place’s past. This podcast presents a dynamic and interesting take on Dutch history, without shying away from its content. It tackles diverse topics such as Dutchmen’s peculiar relationship with water, the variety of the Dutch language or the long-lasting battles fought to take control of the nation. Surely this is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the rich Dutch history.

  1. Gayting

Based on Amsterdam and Berlin, this hilarious podcast provides you with fabulous relationship advice. The podcast deals with all topics relating to LGBTQ+ dating from the perspective of the hosts who are members of the community. As we all know, student life can be greatly affected by one’s success (but mostly failures) in love. Hence, I believe ‘Gayting’ is a safe space for those who are struggling with matters of the heart. Its focus on the Queer community ensures a judgment-free space for its listeners.


And that’s a wrap! Ideally you have found a new favorite podcast in this article–I know I have. Assimilating into an unknown culture and country is no easy task, but you should always strive to find comfort and support in the ordinary. I think podcasts provide the perfect content over which to bond with other individuals who are undergoing similar experiences. Hopefully, I can pass on this sentiment to you. 

Pilar Ortego is a university student in Amsterdam. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of The Amsterdammer. 

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