3 Creative Ways

to Have a Photoshoot in Quarantine

By LINH NGUYEN | May 20, 2020

Cover photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Since the first COVID-19 case hit the Netherlands about three months ago, government regulations have been implemented with the intention to keep people in their homes as much as possible. 

For many, these past three months have been challenging. It is a time of wearing sweatpants around the clock, spending a lot of time on the couch and in front of a screen. It can be hard to come up with new activities to spend your time, so maybe it’s time to flex that creative muscle.  If you are like me and you miss the entire ritual of going out with friends, dressing up and taking pictures galore for your instagrams – then I have got some tips for you!

We should always find an opportunity to feel good about ourselves, and being in quarantine should not be an exception. Being at home does not mean that we cannot dress up and take pictures. Below is a short list of possible options on how to stay creative, and spice up your routine while at home: 


Self-timer Photoshoot

While this is not a revolutionary concept, it is a perfect feature for us to make use of in this current situation. Self-timer is great, because you can do multiple poses without having to hold your phone. Taking selfies is great too, but after a while the ever same angle can get boring. With the self-timer you can experiment with many different angles, and, as no one is watching, you can pose outside of your comfort zone as much as you like!

Personally, I’m not too great at taking self-timer photos, so I often take videos of me doing different poses. From that, I will screenshot out photos that I like, and sometimes I can find really good candid ones too. Check out this tutorial by @bestdressed on Youtube on how to take self-timer pictures.


Facetime photoshoot

You might have seen Bella Hadid, Barbie Ferreira, and Steve Lacy’s facetime photoshoots for Jacquemus Summer 2020 collection. While it is now a big trend in the fashion world, why not recreate it for yourself with the help of a friend? This is a fun way to take pictures and to hang out keeping your social distance. Hit up a friend who you’re comfortable with and let them help you take insta-worthy shots. 


Mirror Pics With a Twist

Sick and tired of plain old mirror pics? How about taking your mirror outside and posing with it? What I’ve been seeing people increasingly do, is to take their mirror into the garden and have a photoshoot with it. This is so fun because you now have photos that aren’t confined within the walls of your house. Taking pictures while enjoying the sun – what more can you ask for? 


With that, I hope to see you take part in challenging yourself and to try out some of the aforementioned options above. Remember to tag us @the.magazine.ams if you do so!

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