Why "Some Good News with John Krasinki"

is the Internet’s Silver Lining in Quarantine

By QUYNH (STEPHANIE) BUI | May 20, 2020

Cover photo courtesy of  “Some Good News” via NewscastStudio 

The Internet has submerged itself into a plethora of entertainment options, and for good reasons. From the disturbing docuseries Tiger King to its polar opposite, the anthropomorphic game Animal Crossing: New Horizons– these are all designed to distract us from the inconvenient reality. With stories about the Coronavirus dominating the news it is easy to descend into lethargy and sadness. However, John Krasinki (Jim from The Office) has come to save our day with his weekly Youtube show Some Good News where he introduces some normalcy into our lives once again. 

Some Good News with John Krasinki premiered on March 29 and follows the format of a low-budget, home-based talk show. Krasinki plays and comments on submitted video clips showcasing the persisting positivism around the world. From parents entertaining their children with random objects and people finding ways to workout from home, to healthcare workers getting showered with applause, and grandparents finding creative methods to hug their grandchildren – Some Good News delivers the weekly dose of positivity we all need.

Although most of the screened videos often come in the form of a TikTok (much to my personal dislike) and Krasinki rarely wears pants, the Youtube series is one of the most wholesome things you can find on the Internet right now. Some Good News (SGN) features different themes every week, from celebrating the healthcare workers to organizing virtual potlucks, proms, graduation ceremonies, and weddings (which Krasinki “officiated”). Nevertheless, the focus of the show can be boiled down to two elements: Love and Compassion. These universal topics are a friendly reminder to humanity: we are connected, we are united, and happiness still exists, not as a far-fetched remnant of the past but right under our noses. 

The show also features star-studded guests: from Steve Carrell and the entire The Office cast to the Hamilton cast, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Malala Yousafzai, Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers and more! In each episode, Krasinki also checks on the weather, with his anything-but-ordinary meteorologist line-up: Emma Stone, Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, and Robert DeNiro. If only Zoom college classes had these many celebrities randomly appear out of the blue! His lovely and talented wife and actress Emily Blunt also joins the show on multiple occasions, adding to the list of awesome stars that have agreed to make an appearance. Yet, SGN focusses on its fans rather than its celebrity guests. The conversations do not center around the celebrities like on other TV shows and it is the stars who are the ones celebrating the interviewees rather than the other way around.

Although most audiences are drawn in by these A-listers, it is the encouraging and empowering moments between the ordinary folks, the host and the guests that keep us coming back for more. The show stands in for an extremely powerful, meaningful, and cardinal message: Even a pandemic cannot keep us apart, and we will rise above challenges by connecting with each other. 

Some Good News is Youtube’s The Office, but without the extra cringe factor (I still love it though). It is goofy, sweet, optimistic-spirits that we so hopelessly yearn for in times like these. It is unusual entertainment: we are not using it to escape reality, but we are looking at reality from a different lens. It has been a while since I last saw entertainment that is genuinely kind and authentic, where no drama or frills is involved to capture the viewer’s attention. Sorry, no Kardashians up in here (well, at least for now). The show touches our hearts, brings tears to our eyes, and most importantly, makes us feel more at ease with the current situation. Every episode ends by featuring the participants in the rolling credits, accompanied by fanmade renditions of The Office’s opening song. Can it get any better?

Some Good News is the momentary remedy to the pain and suffering some of us have endured over the past months. It is the antidote to the pessimism that has slowly sunk into our subconscious. It is the sunshine that brings us out of the darkness into the light even for a brief moment. Life is not too bad after all, as long as you have some good news.

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