Genderless Fashion:

a Movement

By LINH NGUYEN | November 25, 2019

Cover photo by Nicolas Ladino Silva / Unsplash

The year was 2016. Jaden Smith took the fashion world by storm, and stunned fashion enthusiasts all over, with his appearance in the spring-summer Louis Vuitton women’s wear ad campaign. 

Women rocking traditionally male-designated clothing: been there, done that. However, the idea of men in women’s clothing is still quite a foreign concept that many shy away from.  

Genderless fashion is redefining the fashion world. It’s a movement that strips away the link between gender and its associated uniform; freedom to critically question what truly defines masculinity and femininity is allowed. The consensus is a hybrid between the two polar ends, and brings forth a style that does not question the biological gender of the wearer. 

Alongside Jaden Smith, the fashion movement is embraced by numerous celebrities who are looking to push the boundaries of fashion. With that being said, here are some of the most well-known celebrities who have helped to push this movement into mainstream territory:  


Ezra Miller: 

As he is never one to shy away from self-expression, Ezra Miller dresses in what he feels most comfortable in presenting himself with. Within his experimental realm of fashion, Miller is able to tear down societal constructed notions of what gender norms are. 

His 2019 Met Gala look perfectly demonstrated genderless fashion by incorporating a suit with a long train. In drawing on two stereotypical elements, the outfit became something greater than just bizarrely beautiful – it established a meaning and impact on this fashion movement. 

Honorary mentions: Look 1, and Look 2 


Billie Eilish: 

At 17 years old, this musician became known for her extremely oversized apparel choices. Billie Eilish justifies her choice of clothing – which firmly deviates from tight-fitting clothing – by the simple fact that she does not want people to objectify her body.

By taking ordinary menswear items and adding her own personal touch, she projects an incredibly cool persona, rather than a masculine one. 

In addition to setting herself apart in the music industry, she has been able to headline this movement by preaching how women can be beautiful and unique without showing off their curves. 

Some of Billie’s iconic outfits: Look 1, Look 2, and Look 3 


Harry Styles: 

As an icon in bridging genderless fashion with mainstream pop culture, a look into his tour closet will primarily show racks on racks of Gucci’s women’s suits. Harry Styles will typically rock such suits with painted nails and booted high heels. His outfits on stage tend to always bring in a breath of femininity, done in such a way that it doesn’t strip away the ridginess of traditional menswear. Unconventional and ahead of its time: this is how I would define his fashion sense. 

Check out his SNL outfits for some more inspiration.

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