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By Linh Nguyen | October 06, 2019

Illustration by Pruthvi Vellanki

Even without seeing the show, you would have probably still heard the buzz surrounding Euphoria. Focusing on its immense impact on the makeup community – from Instagram looks to New York Fashion Week shows such as Anna Sui – Euphoria beauty looks are simply taking the world by storm.

Refinery29 defined a Euphoria beauty look as involving “intense graphic liner, face decals, ornate rhinestone designs” as a way to display “bold self-expression”. Since its first episode in June, the head makeup artist, Doniella Davy, has done an incredible job in using makeup as a means for the characters to define themselves. 

For instance, Jules is a character who chooses to wear lots of colors with vibrant eyeshadow or liners. In contrast, her best friend Rue is seen barefaced in school, but wears glitter in her off-time. Each character in this show uses makeup as a way to express themselves; it really visually guides the viewer in seeing internal shifts in the character’s mood. This idea of self-expression is the crucial component of a Euphoria makeup look.

As Allure stated, the elements of Euphoria’s makeup game are not revolutionary, but the way in which Doniella Davy and her team transformed these elements into becoming more accessible and fun, is the remarkable thing about it. In August, Davy collaborated with Elle for an article in which she broke down the elements of Euphoria’s makeup, and how to further style them. The article included four iconic looks from the show: Maddy’s neon glow, her rhinestones look, Kat’s seeing green and ultimately Jule’s Pink Lady look.

Pruthvi Vellanki / The Amsterdammer

This Halloween is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with bold makeup looks. By putting on rhinestones, bright eyeliners and perhaps some accent eyeshadow, you can bring a whole look together by striking a balance or giving your costume a pop. 

Wait – what if I wanted to style these looks on a daily basis? If this style of makeup is all about self expression, then shouldn’t people be implementing these elements routinely? More importantly, a daily style shouldn’t necessarily require heavy makeup, but instead allow me to perhaps incorporate makeup that I already have at my disposal. 

To answer these questions, I decided to ask for opinions and tips by contacting Sven (@narcissues), who I have been following on Instagram for quite a while and know is a fashion experimentalist.

He said that the Euphoria style is a celebration of who you are on the inside, and is emphasizing how people use makeup and clothing as a tool for self-expression. He draws inspiration from people (fictional and non-fictional) who are not afraid to both be and express themselves. Pertaining to the show, he loves the use of colors; Jule’s colored socks is just one example of what he has since experimented with. Therefore, choosing a certain clothing item from the show or popping on some bright eyeshadow or red lipstick, will further help you turn Euphoria looks into a more casual and daily-friendly habit. 

The most important tip is to really “just do it” and to not be afraid. It is important to be who you want to be and to wear what you want to wear. When Sven first started experimenting with his style, he did things gradually; from painting his nails, to wearing different lipsticks and now dresses. It might be helpful to practice at home, and when you feel confident enough you can wear that fabulous makeup or clothing in the outside world.

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