March 1, 2019


Amsterdam Celebrates the Chocolate Festival

Cocoa beans, in all forms, were the main attraction at the Chocoa Chocolate Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Kira Guehring / The Amsterdammer
82 vendors from all over the world present their products at the Chocoa Chocolate Festival on Saturday. Kira Guehring / The Amsterdammer

From Saturday, 23 February to Sunday, 24 February the Chocoa Chocolate Festival took place in Beurs van Belage, Amsterdam. After three days of workshops and networking the Chocoa event culminated into the Chocolate Fair. Eighty-two vendors from all over the world presented their products to almost 5,000 attendees. Attendees could taste and buy chocolate from all over the world. From cacao juice over aged chocolate to smoked chocolate and creative flavors, everything one can imagine was to be found. Other items including tea, ice cream rolls, and breakfast spreads were sold as well.  

Additionally, there was a focus on sustainability with support from the presence of organizations like Mighty Earth. It was highlighted that one way to greatly improve the cocoa industry would be by implementing agroforestry, which would both limit harmful deforestation as well as improve the quality of the cocoa beans.

The event spanned across three different halls and multiple smaller rooms where tastings could be attended. Many vendors sold products that were grown and made on their own farms. Vendors had the opportunity to tell stories about the production from start to finish. Each booth had a unique design with intricate details, whether it be in the packaging, a slideshow showing the process from start to finish or ornate bowls filled with chocolate ready to be tested.

Nicolas Hernandez, representing Nikadi, attends the Chocoa Chocolate Festival for the first time on Saturday. Kira Guehring / The Amsterdammer
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