The Amsterdam Magic Show: Closing Off Their Third Year and Excited for What the Future Holds

Last Tuesday, this year’s final performance of Amsterdam’s Magic Show (AMS) took place at Boom Chicago. The event, which counted with the presence of approximately 180 people, closed off with what has been their third year on stage since Alex Blackwood, a known Irish magician, developed the project in the Dutch capital. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”19″ gal_title=”Amsterdam […]

Amsterdam Light Festival Is Back to Charm Its Visitors

The seventh edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival hosts thirty light artworks and installations in the heart of the city. Both locals and tourists can admire the pieces of art, especially made for Amsterdam, from November 29 till January 20 by passing through the canals by boat or simply cycling or walking over the bridges […]

UvA Radio: Made by the Students, for the Students

On their first day of class at UvA in 2016, a shared interest brought together two students who seemed otherwise to be total opposites. Adel Al Khozaae, a 21-year-old Communication Science student, and Dan Ungureanu, a 23-year-old European Studies student and a former DJ at the Eastern Connecticut State University WECS-FM, founded UvA Radio, fulfilling […]

Dutch Railways Convinced by Former Ajax Physiotherapist to Pay Holocaust Compensation

The national rail company Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) has announced it will pay compensation to the survivors and relatives of Jews it transported to concentration camps during the World War II. Salo Muller, who is a former physiotherapist for Ajax football club and whose parents were taken to Westerbork transit camp on NS trains, convinced the […]