Editorial: Thank You and Hope to See You Soon

Dear Readers,

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and this term at The Amsterdammer is coming to an end.

We would like to thank you for your consistent readership; it has been a constant motivation for us. Out of the desire to provide you with accurate and creative content, we have been able to enhance our journalistic skills and truly grow as a student start-up newspaper. The Amsterdammer has only been launched in March, earlier this year; we are proud of what we have become so far and will keep improving ourselves to turn into a better organisation.

These are the three most read articles of the term.

  1. Dutch Police Prevents Major Terrorist Attack, Seven Men Arrested by Naina Parasher
  2. Amsterdam Debates New Methodologies of the European Nomadic Biennial – Manifesta by Valeria Mongelli
  3. De Nieuwe Sint Provides Inclusive Alternative to Sinterklaas Festivities by John Wimpers

If you wish to read some other publications of this term, here are the links to the opinion articles written by our columnists and multimedia section created by our photographers and reporters.

Whether your plan for this year’s winter holiday is to reunite with your family or to take on a new adventure somewhere else, we wish you happy holidays, and sincerely hope that you will be back on our website for the new term starting January.


Qihui Gui (Editor in Chief)

Mathilda Hollreiser (Managing Editor Online)

Isabel Bonnet (Founder of The Amsterdammer)

Post Author: Qihui Gui

  • Editor in Chief (Fall 2018)
  • Copy Editor (Spring 2018)

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