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Released on October 5, the fourth remake of the 1937 original film A Star Is Born was one of the most anticipated movies of 2018 so far. The movie was the directorial debut of actor Bradley Cooper, known from movies like Silver Linings Playbook and The Hangover trilogy. He’s also starring in the movie alongside Stefani Germanotta, who is better known as Lady Gaga. The plot is not that different from the original and the previous remakes. However, minor differences do set it apart from the other reproductions of the film, such as the names of the main characters, the setting and the visualizations.

The movie A Star is Born is one of the most anticipated movies of 2018, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. The movie shows a beautiful and tragic love story of two musicians who share powerful bond and love for music. Ivana Sramkova/ The Amsterdammer

The budget of A Star is Born was about $36 million. As of October 14, the movie managed to gross around $135 million worldwide. The large success can be partly explained by the appearance of Lady Gaga, who also featured a song “Shallow,” which was performed by her and Cooper. Appraised by the public and critics, the movie scored a 8.4/10 on IMDB, and 88/100 on the Metascore.

The movie follows a charismatic and extremely talented Ally (Lady Gaga), who spends her days cleaning kitchens, and nights singing in drag bars. Jack (Bradley Cooper), on the other hand, is a successful rock singer and guitarist, who struggles with personal childhood traumas. Right after their first encounter, their love story begins. But when one of the two is starting to gain popularity, the fame of other slowly diminishes. Drama and complications tangled with love and search for success in the music industry leads the movie’s climax and captures the audience’s attention.


“Lady Gaga proved that she could do more than singing and strengthened her acting career”

Lady Gaga’s musical performance in the movie was outstanding, though that was no surprise given her singing career. Furthermore, Lady Gaga proved that she could do more than singing and strengthened her acting career. The acting skills of the singer did surprise many viewers: despite her eccentric real life personality that made her famous, she succeeded to portray a more neutral character in the movie.

Although there was much attention for Gaga’s appearance in the movie, the performance of Bradley Cooper definitely stood out. Cooper portrayed a very complicated character, which gave him the opportunity to show his acting potential, on which he certainly delivered. Apart from his performance, Cooper directed and produced the movie, which shows his versatility and skillfulness in creativity and business.

The scene where the lead actors perform on stage together for the first time, gives a taste of the strong performances of the lead actors. As Jack performs his own song during one of his concerts, he unexpectedly calls Ally on stage. Accompanied by the featured soundtrack of the movie, which is also called “A Star Is Born” and has largely contributed to the film’s success, the actors showcase their singing and acting talent.

There were high expectations for this movie, due to the cast and the legacy of the title. It is safe to say the expectations were met. Although this movie is not something to relax with, it is definitely a drama worth watching, giving the audience an incredible love story and a look into the struggle of fame.

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