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The annual Oktoberfest, hosted annually in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, received approximately 6.3 million enthusiasts coming from all over the world. Everything from fair rides, food, beer and traditional Bavarian songs are offered to everyone who approaches the Theresienwiese.

From September 22 until October 7, the Oktoberfest in Munich took place. Besides the beer drinking tradition, visitors could purchase the traditional German Lebkuchenherz or in other words, gingerbread shaped like a heart. They can be found in many colours and sizes – typically a man buys one for a woman with “Schatzl”, which literally means “sweetheart”, or children receive one from their parents. Mathilda Hollreiser / The Amsterdammer
For some, the main attraction of the Oktoberfest is the Riesenrad. This Ferris wheel had approximately 32 cabins and reached a height of 50 metres. It offered a view over the Theresienwiese, parts of Munich, and on clear days the mountains can be spotted as well. Mathilda Hollreiser / The Amsterdammer
The Oktoberfest cuisine would of course be incomplete without the various types of sausages – Bratwurst or Currywurst – to be eaten with a bread roll and mustard. Mathilda Hollreiser / The Amsterdammer
The Riesenbreze (giant pretzel) is only available at beer gardens or the Oktoberfest. It is a giant yeast bread pretzel and is often eaten together with a Maß (1 litre of beer) or Radler (1 litre of beer mixed with lemonade). Over 7.5 million Maß were sold at the Oktoberfest. Mathilda Hollreiser / The Amsterdammer
The Huber couple, in their fifties, are enjoying themselves and they are more than happy to go to the Oktoberfest every chance they get. Frau Huber, secretary, can be seen wearing a Drindl, which is the traditional Bavarian dress for women. Her husband, an engineer, is wearing a pair of Lederhosen which are literally leather shorts for men. Mathilda Hollreiser / The Amsterdammer
The inside of the Schottenhamel tent, which is one of the biggest of the 14 tents on the Theresienwiese – the largest accommodating for almost 9,500 people. The merry crowd were waiting for the musicians to start performing their next song. Mathilda Hollreiser / The Amsterdammer
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