Spine-Chilling Movies to Watch on Halloween

Tonight is All Hallows’ Eve, better known under the name Halloween. This night usually implies dressing up spooky, funny or any way one would like, and go to one of the numerous Halloween parties in town. However, for those who prefer the cosy and comfortable seat at home, a blood-curdling movie is a must to uphold […]

UvA Opens A Merchandise Store

The University of Amsterdam has rolled out a merchandise store after years of demand from both students and faculty members on October 9 at Spui 23. The store is open between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., from Tuesday to Saturday. UvA students can receive a discount on their first order. Louisa, a second-year Master student […]

Reasons Behind the Vanishment of the Beloved ‘‘Study Drug’’

Pills that help you to concentrate. For many students at UvA, that might have been a dream during the recent exam period. “Braincaps” – or the so-called “concentration pills” or “study-promotion-pills” – were previously available in vending machines at different locations across UvA’s campuses, alongside more conventional study aids, such as markers or note-pads. But […]

Is Feminism Evolving Into Extremism?

Feminism is the worthy ideal of equality between men and women. However, it seems that some people from our society don’t understand this simple definition. Attaining “equality” means fairness for all – but those extreme modern feminists have seemingly redefined feminism into a belief that women must have more rights than men. Self-declared feminists go […]

The Re-election of Viktor Orban and the Ongoing Crisis in Hungary

On the brink of changing its future, Hungary is on a 12-year path of disruption, which has affected refugees, Hungarians and the entire European Union. With various stakeholders, unwitting or deliberate, the actions leading up to this impasse possess salience. Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has realized his aspiration of creating an illiberal state. This […]

Halloween, a Celebration of Self-Expression or Self-Degradation?

Halloween has always been my favourite holiday. When I was a kid, it was an annual opportunity for many exciting transgressions. Eating candy for breakfast and staying up late watching A Nightmare On Elm Street followed by a week of nightmare induced sleepless nights are just some of the examples. And of course, it meant […]