Out-of-This-World Experience at Ryoji Ikeda’s Exhibition

The EYE Film Institute is located in one of the most compelling buildings of Amsterdam and is known for its large collection of both Dutch and international movies and video art. Beside the cinema, EYE also hosts temporary exhibitions. From the 15th of September until the 2nd of December 2018, the institute is currently presenting […]

Museum of Memes: A Cultural Phenomenon

Emily Higginson was a high school student when she first contemplated the idea of creating a meme museum. The vision of an entire exhibition space dedicated towards memes was quickly brushed off as a joke as she continued on with her life. Nevertheless, the interest in memes stayed with her. This year, Higginson started her […]

“Yet Another Night of Protest” Opens the Week of Activist Action

After the government announced a cut back of 183 million euros on education, UvA students have tirelessly demonstrated their discontentment by protesting, marching and sending petitions to The Hague last semester. As the new academic year arrived, UvA students have received little to no answer to their call for help. This week, student associations ASVA, […]

Embracing Solitude during Studentdom

Studentdom at a university is one of the most inexorable times in a person’s life. It gives us the opportunity to finally study what you want, to make new like-minded friends and to party the night away. On the other hand, it means endless nights of studying, managing finances and cleaning up the kitchen after […]

Long-standing Crisis: Excess Demand in Amsterdam’s Housing Market

Kim Lechler, a 24-years-old Master’s student from Berlin, had so much trouble finding affordable housing in Amsterdam that she even considered commuting from the German capital of Berlin. The solution she found is hardly more conventional, living in a big tent in the Camping Zeeburg campsite for two weeks until she could move into a […]