Dutch Police Prevents Major Terrorist Attack, Seven Men Arrested

On Thursday evening, the Dutch Police prevented a major terrorist attack in the Netherlands. Police reports confirm that seven men, aged from 21 to 34, were arrested in Arnhem, Rotterdam, Vlaardingen and Weert and suspected to prepare a terrorist attack. The investigation regarding these arrests started in April 2018. The main suspect, alleged ringleader, is […]

Students Break Into P.C. Hoofthuis and Wait for Their Demands to Be Answered

“Activists broke into a UvA building, the P.C. Hoofthuis, on Friday morning,” read a UvA communicate at 9:30am in the university’s website. As a result, all classes in the building before 11am were to be cancelled, and neither students nor staff members were allowed to enter. However, by 11:30am, activists remained inside, and, according to […]

Is Democracy an Illusion? The Case of Slovakia

The question that we all have been asking lately – is democracy an illusion? Many people see democracy as the best possible system and one that they should strive to implement and maintain. Freedom of speech, free elections, and clear human rights – isn’t that what everyone wants? A functioning democracy is key to basic […]

‘‘Dumpster Diving’’ in Amsterdam

Supermarkets, we all know them, we all use them, yet very few of us ever question the processes behind them. In a city like Amsterdam, large supermarkets are one of the main suppliers for our daily food. Whenever we step through the glass sliding doors to buy our groceries, the shelves are full and stocked […]

Unseen Amsterdam: The Fair of Undiscovered Photographic Talent

Last weekend, Amsterdam hosted the seventh edition of Unseen Amsterdam, the leading annual contemporary photography fair. Thousands of visitors gathered at Westergasfabriek, a gasworks turned cultural venue in the city’s west, for this major international cultural event focusing on showing previously undiscovered photographic talent in addition to novel work by well-known photographers. An Overwhelming Offer […]