How Sociology can show you the other perspective

  One of the best teachers I’ve had at university once told us that people who become the best social scientists are usually the ones who have been part of two contrasting groups in society at some point in their life: People who’ve belonged to and had access to both, but never fully felt part […]

Becoming older doesn’t mean becoming better

Over the past few years, I’ve seen an increase in the amount of awareness being spread on the importance of mental health. My high-school Student Council organised a Mental Health Week for all its students, aimed at educating them on mental illnesses. A similar campaign is currently being held at the UvA, with the aim […]

Campaigning for Change: True Fashion Talks

Around 100 fashion professionals, communication professionals and fashion fans attended Thursday’s edition of the talk show known as “True Fashion Talks,” where 3 speakers discussed how to campaign for change in the fashion industry. Between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm, attendees gathered at Fashion for Good‘s office in Spui. “How to campaign for change” was the […]

The Amsterdammer: It Was a Necessity

Several organisations offer the opportunity for students to write articles about specific topics. However, we did feel as though we belonged anywhere. There was no place for creative students who wanted to explore journalism in a free but organised way. The Amsterdammer was a necessity for those who wanted to explore practical journalism.  Student journalism is necessary on […]