Photo Gallery – Catalan Protesters Demand Release of Political Prisoners in Amsterdam


Protestors asked the Dutch Government to speak up and take action against the imprisonment of the Catalan politicians. Andrea Rossignoli / Staff Photographer

From right: Dutch 48-year-old Walter and his 6-year-old son carry a sign that reads “Free Catalonia” to show support to his Catalan wife’s beliefs. Andrea Rossignoli / Staff Photographer

The protestors gathered in front of the National Monument and listened attentively to the different speakers who talked about the ongoing issue in English, Dutch and Catalan. Andrea Rossignoli / Staff Photographer

Around 60 people, from kids to elders, attended the event which lasted until 3pm. Andrea Rossignoli / Staff Photographer

A tourist takes a picture with his smartphone to two protesters at the Dam Square on Saturday afternoon. Andrea Rossignoli / Staff Photographer

A sign reads “Llibertat presos polítics!” (Freedom for political prisoners!). A significant number of the attendees carried Catalonia’s flag wrapped around their torsos, as well as several posters that reinforced the demonstration’s purpose. Andrea Rossignoli / Staff Photographer

Ewout van den Berg, active member of the International Socialists, helped to organize the protest and shared his views on the issue by emphasizing that they are not protesting for independency, but for democracy. Andrea Rossignoli / Staff Photographer


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